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Philosophy of Biberio

Enjoy a good wine and appreciate the origin and passion for its production. This principle is shared by Simone and Enrico, two young people from Veneto who live in Zurich.

When you leave your native land to start a new life somewhere else, the first thing you do is to seek new friendships or contacts with other people. Today this happens first of all through the so-called social networks and then develop with interpersonal relationships outside the world of work. When Enrico and Simone joined their contacts to organize an aperitif, they were impressed by the large number of participants. The small appetizers such as sandwiches, pizzas and pies accompanied by typical drinks such as prosecco or spritz were so successful that subsequent events were organized with an increasing number of participants. Customer satisfaction, the request to organize further events and the demand for Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG led Simone and Enrico to found Biberio, so as to be able to offer their increasingly numerous contacts a wine that they themselves select from small wineries in Valdobbiadene.

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