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I like to think that there is only one way to grow a vine and that future viticulture will be free from classification based on decisions and on working methods.

Concerning the concept of natural wine, I think that even the simple pruning is the most unnatural operation you can perform on a vine: that is what keeps me away from that coveted adjective.

Within my experience I realized that for a winemaker the most important principle to pursue is enclosed in a single word: balance!

The balance between tradition and innovation, sensitivity and experience, nature and technology is crucial to obtain a unique wine that can express a terroir.

This is the only wine able to move me and the wine which I am working for.

For some years now we have been part of Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti FIVI, an association born in 2008 with almost 1000 winemakers from all over Italy. The aim is to protect our land and our interests in a moral, technical, social, economic and administrative field.

Michele Rebuli

“After fighting in the second world war my father Italo starts to help his own father Silvio to cultivate and to look after the small cattle farm.
In 1947 Grandad Silvio takes part in the wine festival of Valdobbiadene with his product and wins first prize, a valuable acknowledgement that paid the years of hard work in the vineyards where in those days “everything was carried out by hand“.

The idea to convert the stable to a restaurant was thought in the late 80s by involving my wife Adriana, my mother Antonietta and my brothers together with the aim to serve products of the land with the family recepies. At first we served only a few but still well-prepared dishes such as salami, bean soup and the spit that my mother cooked every Sunday for the family.

Over the years the cuisine enrichens thanks to the passion and commitment of my wife Adriana and subsequently Teresa my daughter-in-law by enhancing our home grown.

Prosecco becomes the place, the story and above all the tow for Valdobbiadene becoming with time a very much appreciated food and wine destination.

Following a far-sighted vision in 2004 we inaugurate 6 bedrooms after turning our old stable into accomodation to welcome our guests and to give them a unique experience among the Trevigian hills.
Elisa and Enrico, my children have been by my side in the last few years. After studying languages and working in the tourist field Elisa looks after our guests and gives support to the running of the activity, whereas Enrico after graduating as wine making expert at the Cerletti wine School of Conegliano follows the whole process of Valdobbiadene DOCG production from the land to the final product.”

Silvio Miotto

"Prosecco is a family tradition that belongs to us since we were children. Passion is the element on which our identity of winegrowers is founded: it makes of us ambassadors of the local culture and leads us to care about territory, climate, vineyards, and men, to produce unique wines that express aromas and tastes of the land they come from.
We cultivate our vineyards, different in kind of ground and microclimate, that are located in the prestigious DOCG UNESCO area– Cartizze, Valdobbiadene, Guia, Follo, Miane, Tenade, Premaor, La Bella, Farrò, Rolle, Cison di Valmarino e Follina.
Innovation is a continuous exercise of openness, to take promptly in the agronomic, oenological and commercial fields those improvements that support the quality of our work.
Through a correct interpretation of modern technology, even in the winery, we try to pose in every glass the heritage of our history and the typicality of our hillside vineyards.
The will of affirming the value of our brand, of our past and the quality of our wines is the driving force that guides our work everyday."


Valter, Marina, Sara, Andrea 

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